Once You See It: A Mental Health Podcast

0. Introduction episode

July 13, 2022 Charlotte Herring, AGNP-BC Season 1 Episode 0
Once You See It: A Mental Health Podcast
0. Introduction episode
Show Notes

Hi there! I’m Charlotte, and welcome to Once You See It: A Mental Health Podcast. I'm so excited you're here!

A bit about me: I’m a board-certified NP, mind-body connection coach, and advocate for integrative medicine. For over 10 years, I’ve been a nurse and nurse practitioner in the “traditional” healthcare system. I’ve worked in all sorts of settings, from managing a busy panel of patients at a telemedicine psychiatry practice, to volunteering as a clinician and educator  in Bangladesh, to working at a fast-paced Veterans Hospital with recently discharged veterans. In fact, I still work part-time as a nurse practitioner.

Yet time and time again, I keep seeing the same thing. Our traditional healthcare model works…sometimes. “Western” medicine - that which is taught in medical and nursing schools around the globe - is really good at some things, particularly clear-cut problems with a “fix” (broken bones, infections). As a medical provider, I have a healthy respect for evidence-based practice and Western medicine.

And, the Western healthcare model falls miserably short sometimes - and nowhere does it fail us more than in the realm of mental health. 

The traditional Western model separates mind and body - which we now know (via constantly-emerging neuroscientific research) simply does not work. We’re learning new information every day about the inextricable link between the mind and body, and the need to offer treatments that look at individuals as a whole - not just as a diagnosis.

At Once You See It, my goal is to provide a balanced perspective of Western medicine with integrative healing practices. Join me and my tribe of growth-oriented colleagues as we explore all things mental health, wellness culture, spirituality, and more.

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Recorded and produced by Charlotte Herring, AGNP-BC, RN
Music by Neftali Navarro Jimenez