Once You See It: A Mental Health Podcast

4. Burnout and identifying our patterns with Erin Zaikis

August 09, 2022 Charlotte Herring, AGNP-BC Episode 4
Once You See It: A Mental Health Podcast
4. Burnout and identifying our patterns with Erin Zaikis
Show Notes

Today I chat with my fellow coach and friend Erin Zaikis, and I just love this chick so dang much - I think you will too. 

Raised in Marblehead, Massachusetts, Erin Zaikis graduated from the University of Michigan's Gerald Ford School of Public Policy.  She has lived in India, Thailand, Israel and New York before making the Upper West Side in NYC her home.

 Erin loves Afrobeats, blogs about Asian desserts and hangs out with her cockapoo Yoshi in her free time. She is a Forbes 30 Under 30 (Social Impact - 2018), a Summit Series Fellow, has been recognized by the Huffington Post, ONE, CNN, BBC and the Clean India campaign and has spoken at universities and conferences across the US, Canada and Europe, including a Tedx talk.

She helps committed entrepreneurs to raise funds without burning out and is passionate about working with leaders who are driven to tackle the world’s biggest challenges to regain their spark by coaching them towards a life that energies them.

Talking to Erin feels like having a conversation with someone who really makes you feel SEEN. She is a brilliant entrepreneur with the kindest heart and a fantastic sense of humor to boot.  Join us as we discuss:

- Erin's journey from humanitarian aid worker to entrepreneur

- Her work in India and around the world with Sundara, a soap recycling NGO Erin started at her kitchen table at age 23

- The prevalence of burnout in the humanitarian aid world, the healthcare world, and more

- Identifying burnout, especially if it's something you've not experienced before

- Recognizing our patterns, coping mechanisms, and "numbing agents" that we turn to when the world gets to be too much

- Strategies for evaluating our energetic needs, setting boundaries, and moving through burnout

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