Once You See It: A Mental Health Podcast

6. Holistic women's health and body awareness with Dr. Shalonna Battle

October 10, 2022 Dr. Shalonna Battle, DNP Season 1 Episode 6
Once You See It: A Mental Health Podcast
6. Holistic women's health and body awareness with Dr. Shalonna Battle
Show Notes

What's up, ladies. Wondering what the buzzword "cycle syncing" means? Curious about how tracking our energy throughout the month can help us feel better? Ever feel like your plate is overflowing because you take everything on yourself?

Well...this episode is for you!

Today I interview Dr. Shalonna Battle, a Florida-based women’s health nurse practitioner with over 13 years of clinical and nursing education experience. As a doctorate of nursing practice, while school has played a major role in her career, it's her hands-on clinical experience that's groomed her into the provider she is today. Shalonna is experienced in caring for women across the lifespan, and concerns including gynecological disorders, family planning and reproductive care, caring for women who are survivors of abuse and sexual assault, and postmenopausal concerns.

Join us as we talk about:

- The role of a Doctorate of Nursing Practice and Shalonna's career as a women's health nurse practitioner

- The concept of "Superwoman Syndrome" and how we often try to take it all on  - and how this relates to our need to control

- The concept of linear vs. circular productivity

- Hormones and their impact on our menstrual cycles (and the difference between PMS - premenstrual syndrome - and PMDD, or premenstrual dysphoric disorder)

- Paying closer attention and bringing mindfulness into your menstrual cycle

- Cycle syncing for diet and nutrition

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Source list from show (click hyperlinks below to be guided to source):

07:18: Nurse to patient ratios (and how CA is the only state who actually mandates these ratios)

13:08: Linear vs. cyclical productivity (this coaching site does a great summary)

15:23: Segmenting your day energetically

28:43: Neurodivergence % fact check: only 15-20% of the world is considered neurodivergent. That said, Many professionals recommend expanding neurodiversity to include depression, anxiety, etc.)

31:19-35:30: Cycle syncing resources
- Cycle syncing 101 (Healthwise and Forbes Health)
- This summary on hormone fluctuations by Dave Asprey
- Kate Northrup's book Do Less

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